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1) Why you made a library only for Kontakt 6.22?
It’s simple, I have the Kontakt 6.22 License.

2) Why you made a library with 44.100 Hz?
I prefer that the user can save disk space and enjoy the amazing sound of the voices.

3) Why you don’t use special tools and features?
We are looking for KSP developers that can help us to create a better User Interface with
special controls and graphics.

Contact me if you are interested to work with us: [email protected]

4) Can I ask money back if I have the NI Kontakt Player ?
Sorry but we don’t refund you because this library is just for Kontakt Full 6.22

5) I can’t add the library on the left area of Kontakt, what I can do?
We recommend to read this article by Native Instruments

6) I bought Cinematic Alpha but I don’t like it. Can I get a refund?
We can’t deactivate the product for this reason unfortunately we can’t refund a library once it has been

7) There is a bug, can You help me?
It’s very important to read carefully the instructions and requirements, anyway feel free to contact us for any
further information:  [email protected]

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