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Virtual Instruments for Kontakt

Welcome to Andrew Fly Cinematic Alpha!
This is the official website dedicated to my digital libraries of virtual instruments compatible with Kontakt 6.
My first product is the Vocals Edition and I will produce more sounds such as: impacts, risers, guitars, pads and orchestra.
The idea is to enhance a new and "abstract" concept of digital libraries, so I am looking to concentrate all my attention to the sound more than the coding.
I also think that the "magic" of Cinematic Alpha is the ratio in terms of hard disk space  and sound quality because I want that you can enjoy the performance than the complexity and size of a library.
Cinematic Alpha Vocals Edition has reached amazing reviews by our testimonials and customers, that's why I've created a tiny product with precious contents in terms of fantasy and quality.
Cinematic Alpha is starting a campaign of visibility for the composers who are working into the film music industry, so this project is also including opportunities for our customers too.
At the time Cinematic Alpha is a very young but I am so satisfied for the positive feedbacks by customers and testimonials (Tim Truman, Chris Huelsbeck, Ivan Martinez Lacamara, Fabian Del Priore etc.)
I am so sure that you will like my products! So, Enjoy!

Andrew Fly

Audio Samples for Kontakt

Kontakt Instruments


Cinematic Alpha - Vocals Edition 

- Phrases
- Vowels 
- Bonus   

Compatible with Kontakt Full 6.2.2 


Cinematic Alpha - The Doors Of Time
(Work in progress)

Compatible with Kontakt Full 6.2.2


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