Digital Organic is the new way

Imagine a simple waveform that can turn into a hybrid musical instrument between reality and fantasy of modeling.
DOVInst is a complex technique that goes against the principles of sound design and sampling.
Yup! You understood well! The difficulty of creating an organic digital instrument is precisely that of using the ability to imagine a primitive waveform and transform it into one or more existing realistic instruments (violins, harp, guitar, piano etc).
The creation time of a organic digital strings patch can reach very long modeling times (4 months).
The advantage of using this technique is that the sounds are conceptually and audibly close to the listener. The idea is not to replace real instruments but to appreciate a purely experimental use.
So anyone looking for a real instrument will not buy sample libraries with the DOVInst technique, but if you are looking for a hybrid sound between synth and the "memory" of realistic instruments then it is great for your experimental productions.
The advantage of using DOVInst samples is that many of them take up very little space on the hard disk, the reason is due to the fact that the sound is realistic even without articulations sampling.
In any case, it all depends on the imagination of each individual sound designer in finding the time and the desire to achieve a realistic result.


This is the scheme that describes the creation of digital organic violins (Sublime Est).

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