Exclusive Libraries
(Kontakt Full)

Originality for your film scores

One of most important things about the originality is to create a film score using own sounds, so I will create your exclusive libraries* that you can use for your next works.
Many artists use the libraries that are available for millions of artists, but if you want to conquer your movie director who works Netflix, Amazon, HBO, YouTube series I recommend 100% to use your custom libraries.

There are many motivations to follow this way:

1) You can play with your favorite sounds, so I will study your genre of music;
2) You will use original samples, so there is less risk to get a copyright claim by the ID Content recognition;
3) You will work on your film score with the most original samples because are totally created for your needs.

 That's why I fully recommend choosing this very useful option!

Andrew Fly

*Not for resale


Your Graphic User Interface

I can create an inspiring User Interface, that's why you can get more inspiration during your music creation process.
Obviosly you will get a GUI with different parameters (FX, Morphing Etc),
this way you can feel comfortable in terms of graphic digital environment.
If you want a very complex GUI, I can hire the most talented developers for your final product.


The audio quality as first priority

If you need a superb quality of samples and a professional recording, I will work with different recording studios around the world with the most professional players.
You will choose your best formula based to your budget and needs, that's the best way to get a superb result in terms of final audio.


Get Your Product

The time of samples production can change, it depends on the complexity of your Library
I am able to send the final product via Clouding System or I can send you a USB Key
(16-128 GB) via DHL.


I am interested to an Exclusive Library for Kontakt Full


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