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About me

My name is Flavio Garozzo aka Andrew Fly, and I am composer and sound designer,
I was born on 6th February 1983 in Catania (Italy), I was a child who was always creative and took a keen interest in music which turned into my passion, and I love to work in my recording studio creating fresh, new and creative projects.
I've always used synths and virtual instruments but my target is to create a high quality sound for my listeners and customers dedicating time and creativity.
I worked for many indie-movies shot in Italy, Nepal and The United States and Australia working with different companies, artists, producers and film directors such as:
Michael Justin Lee (Director and Producer), Fabrizio Famà (Offline Video Editor), Liam Rooke (Actor and Producer), Dan Strano (Cartoonist), Steven Larkin (Songwriter)  Jason Bogdaneris, Kristina Leath-Malin (Director),  Simon Hare (Director) , Ola Salo, Anup Poudel (Director), Dimi Nakov (Director), Jenna Costantine (Director),  NFGDOCS (Company), 095mm (Company), Moving Eye Productions (Company).
I've created Cinematic Alpha and my samples are used by award-winning composers, and I am so happy to help artists!
So feel free to contact me for any further information!

P O S I T I V E  V I B E S   O N L Y

Best Scores
I won at American Tracks Music Awards 2020 , New York International Film Awards 2020 and I was nominated finalist at Blastoff Film Festival (Los Angeles) 2020, and I was nominated finalist at Paris Art And Movie Awards 2020.

Awards and Nominations

Clients and collaborations

Contact me: [email protected]

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